Introducing The Team


Ian Metcalf


Ian Metcalf is the primary driver and designer of the car. He currently holds a licence with the Southern California Timing Association to compete at all land speed record events throughout the USA. The licensing runs for this were carried out at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in 2007. Although Ian has been primarily a drag racer since the age of 18, land speed record drives are a natural progression to this form of high octane motor sport.


Steve Shoobridge at Bonneville Salt Flats


Steve Shoobridge brings to the team a combination of skills and knowledge. His ability to organise is second to none and when that is combined with his vast knowledge of land speed record racing throughout the world it means that the team will always be in a position to have and know exactly what it needs at all times.




Steve Metcalf


Steve Metcalf is one arm of the media team, keeping the website up to date, online and ready to view at the click of a button. The other part of his role in the team is dealing with the photography of the car, both off track and on track, using his experience and knowledge in photography to compliment the car. Having been involved with modified cars from a very young age he has a strong base knowledge and a hunger to reach the teams goals.




Carl at Santa Pod Raceway, UK


Carl De’Athe is the other arm of the media team who when not building websites is frantically learning all he can about race car suspension. Brought up as a chap who has always worked on cars, he’s spent many years disassembling and building projects, winning a few prizes along the way. He’s also done a spot of drag racing.