Engine Paint & Transmission Tunnel Preparation

This month has been frantic trying to get as much done as possible from our wish list. So far we have crossed off 11 items, some small and easy whilst others are fairly major. For this update we’ll concentrate on the larger items and the next one we’ll let you know just how much we managed to complete.

The engine looked very uninspiring so many hours were spent scrubbing,cleaning, polishing and painting until we have this.

Once fitted it really starts to look good.

Moving once again to the interior we thought it was time to build a transmission tunnel. They can be purchased as a kit but are expensive and usually need  adapting so we decided to do it our way.

First a framework was constructed.

Then the cover was made, a piece at a time, by hand starting with the propshaft tunnel.

Followed by the transmission cover.

The gap along the top will be filled with a removable panel for ease of access to the mechanical items underneath.

The alloy dashboard from the previous updates proved to not be up to standard and a very difficult material to work with. One of our associate members, Perry, had the idea and the contact for remaking the dashboard in stainless steel.
It still needs a little tweaking on the angles but looks so much better and is ready to fill with more gauges.