Front Suspension Part 1

Moving on from the bodywork it was time to start sorting out some of the mechanical issues.

The front suspension was a 6″ stainless steel drop tube on a four link system with coil over shocks. The problem was that it had a full width fixed steering rack as there wasn’t any room for a steering box. This meant that anything past a quarter of a turn of the steering wheel and the geometry was miles out and it also meant that as the suspension moved the track rod ends were getting to the end of their travel range and would lock up the steering if hitting a bump on near full lock.

Some coil overs were sourced from a fellow drag racer who no longer needed them!

Followed by cleaning up the chassis and removing all of the old mounting points.


An initial problem we encountered was that they were designed for straight line use. The lower mounting pin was at the bottom of the strut itself but, to get the correct geometry, it needed to be further outboard, towards the wheel.

The correct position for it was on the hub, so to begin with a hole was drilled and a pin machined with a small locating stud on the top of it.

This pin sits nicely in a bottom arm kit that came from Chris Alston Chassis Works.

Once the pin was welded into the hub.

They fitted together like so.

Next would be a method for fitting the lower arms to the chassis rails so, after making cardboard templates, some brackets were cut from 1/4″ plate.

The adjustable heim joint then sits in between two brackets.

After a lot of very careful measuring the brackets were welded to the chassis.