Door Handles

The original Magnette door handles just didn’t seem to fit the new style of the car, so the search was on for something different.

To cut a long story short, the person who owned the workshop we were using at the time owned a Jag V12 powered trike. It’s engine had let go earlier in the year and as a result a couple of Daimler Sovereign V12 complete cars were located. Whilst they were being stripped the surface mounted door handles drew some attention. Five minutes later and two of them were out and ideas were forming to flush mount them.

The handle was then mounted on a piece of steel.

A corresponding hole was cut in the door and the mounting plate was fitted.

The handle now fits flush. A gap was intentionally left around the edge to be filled with fibreglass paste. The idea being that the handle body will be painted along with the door so only the chrome handles will show.