GP100 Show Report

This is what all of the hard work had been leading up to, the GP100. The day started off at a nice and early 6.45 with the team being assembled for a final once over of the car and to get it up on the trailer. Once a last few things were tweaked it was time to get it on the trailer, this called for some improvisation as with the car being so low, getting it on the ramps was tight! But by 8.30 we had the car loaded on and everything else packed up.

We arrived at The Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon at around 9.30. We then had the task of setting up a double gazebo, this would normally have been a straightforward task but with heavy wind soon became more of a team bilding experience! Once this was up it was time for the car to come off the trailer and be positioned under the tent, this meant much pushing and pulling to get it in the right position. The place we had on the field was ideal, next to another Magnette but this one was part way through a restoration. This really showed the extremes between ours and an original.

By this point we had begun to generate an interest in the car as people had seen it being unloaded and wanted a closer peek. We did receive ea varied response from people, some did not agree with the idea of what we had achieved so far but the majority were enthusiastic about what we had done and where we were going with the project. This is always a morale booster, especially with this being the first time the car has been unveiled in the flesh in the public eye. One of the best bits of feedback we had during the day was “This is how MG’s should have been built”, this was great as we think so too!

Looking around the show and as an overall it was a great commemoration to Gerald Palmer. The range of vehicles on show that he had designed were quite an eyeful, ranging from Magnettes to Jowett Jupiters and Wolseley Six Ninety’s. In addition to this there was the Heritage Motor Centre itself which had a large collection of vehicles, even the famous EX181 is displayed there, this being the vehicle currently holding the fastest MG in the world record at 254.9mph.

It was then time for us to start packing everything down ready to go. This meant pushing the car out onto the tarmac where the other Magnettes were parked, this gave a prime photo opportunity to show the differences!

As you can see the difference between them is quite huge! That pretty much rounds up our show report, we had a very good day with positive feedback which has given us all plenty of energy to keep the project moving and push it to completion.