The Original Car

It all started back in 2006 when what was allegedly a 1955 Magnette hot rod that was a little past it’s sell by date was purchased. To be honest, it wasn’t until it was taken apart that it was discovered which parts were Magnette.

This is how it looked originally….

Not being particularly happy with the way the wiring regularly caught fire and the way the brakes locked the front wheels every time they were applied a rebuild was in order.

First was to remove the tired 427ci (7ltr) small block Chevy lump and TH350 gearbox.

Whilst this was being done, Steve Shoobridge was going around the bodywork peeling off the stickers….this proved to be the beginning of a nightmare as one of them came off with 15mm of filler attached to the back of it.

The worst was a dent in the roof with 27mm (just over 1″) of filler in it.

The bodyshell was beyond recovery as there was no way it was going to be loaded up with filler again (we had cut off more than 70kg of the stuff) so the only solution was to cut it off and start again.

This left us with a roll cage made of seamed scaffolding and only welded where it could be seen and a couple of tired doors.