Seat Fitting & Roll Cage Modifications

This month has been focused on the interior again but we’ve made strong progress as you can see below.

Following on from last months work with the seat brackets, we finished them by welding four captive nuts inside the bars for the seats to bolt to.

After trial fitting the seats we established that they wouldn’t fit with the minimum clearance required between the drivers helmet and the roof bars. This meant that the door bars were too high up for the seats to sit low enough. To remedy this we disconnected the bars from the uprights of the main hoop and repositioned them lower down. There was then a clean-up operation to remove the original weld.

Once the cage bars had been adjusted the seats could be fitted.

Now that the seats were in more work could be done to the cage. The first part was to weld in two curved bars at the back to give extra strength.

The final part for this month was to fit a bar for the harnesses to mount to. This was a straight bar that joins the two main uprights together. As well as being a mount for the harnesses this will also reduce any flex in the uprights should the car roll!