GP100 Show Preparation Part 1

The work during March took on a renewed energy as not only has the sun started to shine again but also because we have been invited to show the car at the end of May. The event is called the GP100 which is the centenary celebration of Gerald Palmer, who, amongst other vehicles, designed the MG Magnette. More information can be found at

After much discussion amongst the team we decided upon agame plan to make the car look as complete as possible. This means doing jobs we would have to have done anyway but just changed the order of priority. To this end we made ourselves a wish list…hopefully it will all be crossed off by the end of May.

The dashboard angles weren’t quite right so this required a bit of fettling….the only way we could bend it was to create a clamping system and leave it for a week to settle.

Meanwhile Steve fired up the media blaster and cleaned the grille ready for welding and priming.

He also cleaned the original headlamp bowls which were not in the best condition and needed a little filling.

Then primed and painted.

Going back to the interior, rear quarter trim panels were cut out of alloy.

Followed by the door trim panels.

This now leaves us plenty of busy preparation until the GP100 so expect to see things coming along quickly.