Dashboard & Seat Mounts

January 2011 has been an interesting month, a lot of the time being spent pumping the workshop dry and recovering from the damage caused by the flooding we experienced!

This was a common sight after a while for us, the bilge pump running to empty the drain which had backed up.

Here is an example of the damage caused by the water. This being the underside of the boot paneling,which then meant it had to be taken back to bare metal and painted again.

As we have a pair of seats and the brackets it was time to add the necessary bracketry to the chassis. This was done in four parts per side. Two main supports running between the chassis rails, made in box section and then two outriggers, once again in box section with the end plated off.

This is how the seat brackets attach to the seats.

Out of the associate funds raised we had the dashboard cut and folded, it just requires some slight adjustments and then it will be ready to fit!