Steering & Engine Mounts

A set of refurbished rack mounts and track rod ends were ordered. The angle for mounting the brackets was drilled and then it was a case of simply bolting it together.

Because eventually this car will be producing some monster horsepower it really needed to be securely mounted to the chassis in a way that meant it stayed put. The front motor plate is exactly what it says, it’s an alloy plate that bolts to the front of the engine and then, in turn, bolts to the chassis. With a little fettling the plate was bolted to the engine.

Once that was done it was back to the origami and a template was made for the chassis tabs.

This was transferred to some 1/4″ plate that was then simply welded to the chassis and then drilled and bolted.

As strong and well thought out as they might be, the original Chevy mountings are no good for this application.

Yet more careful measuring, more origami, more 1/4″ plate and we have another flat pack kit.

Which, when welded together, looks like.

That’ll hold the engine in then!