Steering Column & Interior Panels

Work on the car has been at a more leisurely pace this month after the last couple of months of madness but the project is still moving forwards.

Carrying on the work of making interior panels we started by making the corner pieces that sit at the ends of where the parcel shelf would be. These complicated pieces give us the start point for the rest of the panels. Using the same system of cardboard templates and then cutting, folding and welding, we ended up with this.

A bit of trimming and it fits!

Then repeat for the other side.

At the same time as making these we also worked on the problem of finding a home for the main controls switch panel (fuel/ignition/start) as the driver cannot reach the dashboard when strapped in.

Some careful measuring and cutting gave us another one of our flat-packs.

Once welded together we have a nice little switch box that will weld to the roll cage cross bar above the windscreen.

One of the issues that our trip to the GP 100 show held at Heritage Motor Centre Motor Museum, highlighted was that the steering column wasn’t as secure at the top end as we would have liked and needed bracing. Some research showed that kits are available for just this problem however they are £140 + delivery from the USA.

A lot of research and staring at pictures of steering columns led to the purchase of this column clamp via ebay for the princely sum of £11.95 delivered.

As it turned out the top angle where it bolts to the dash was exactly right and all that was needed was a couple of holes in the bottom of the dashboard and it simply bolted together.

Where did this perfect clamp come from?

A 1960’s Morris Minor…….we don’t always need hi-tech!