Roll Cage Part 3

Finally, for the roof, a diagonal bar was made up along with some gussets for the opposite corners and a header bar to go above the windscreen. Once they were all tacked into place the cage was dropped down through the chassis and seam welded in place.

It was then all put back into place, the front bars dropped onto their spigot and the rear bars onto their mounting pads and the whole lot was welded into place for the last time.

Moving on it was time for some door bars. At the moment we only have two of the three door bars for each side, the others will be made at a later date to make getting in and out of the car easier.

Two bars were bent, one to follow the profile of the sill and the other profiled to miss the drivers/passengers elbows. A  front mounting plate was cut out of 1/4″ (6mm) steel and tacked together in the car. It was then taken out, seam welded and refitted for the last time.

There are still some bars to fit to the cage but the seats will be needed before they can be made.