Second Stage Bodyshell Work

Alongside the work previously carried out we also needed new outer arches, lower rear wing repair panels and a new rear valance. The rear valance was originally triple skinned and very heavy so an outer skin was just fitted as it was no longer structural.

One of the issues with the old shell was that the back panels had been fore-shortened by a good 9″. This meant that with the new shell there was a bit of a gap in the back and that just won’t do.
The first piece to make, was a crossmember to fit inside the rear valance. The valance is curved and 3″x2″ box section is not known for it’s flexibility so it took a couple of hours with a hydraulic press to get it to the correct profile.
Once that was done it meant it was possible to make some chassis extensions, again out of 3″x2″, to meet the crossmember. These were then strengthened with some tapered sections.

Now the work continues with the front doors. First they were cut.

The front half was then hung on it’s hinges and tacked the back half into place on the B pillar with some appropriate thickness spacers to get the door shuts correct. To give it all a bit of stability and to give the correct sizing for the new metalwork in the middle of the door the two halves were joined together with some 1/2″ box section.

As the old doors had been kept it meant that part of them could be used as a centre piece. Admittedly it wasn’t that easy as the door top is a compound curve and the main swage line has a gentle curve all the way along the door but with a bit of slicing, beating and welding it all started to come together.

The door was then re-hung whilst the bottom repair panel was only tacked into place (thank you to Shortens for custom making the lower repair panel to our specifications) so that the necessary adjustments could be made to it.

To see what the car was turning into the flip front was hung and it was put on its wheels and this is the result!


The B Pillars

This is the old position of the B pillar, before the repair and post repair.

Final weld, not pretty but very strong.

The Rear Windows

Four hours of cutting up the old rear window frames to form the rear quarter window aperture.

Once the front window frame was cut up and the left over bits from the back window were added, they were then tacked together to get the basic profile for the door window.