The next mission was to get the engine, suspension and gearbox back in.

The steering had been an issue, initially how and then followed by where. To resolve this a rough measurement was taken between the steering knuckles with the wheels pointing roughly in the same direction. And afternoon was then spent going through an old manual of steering racks from a local parts supplier. It was necessary to use the latest manual as nearly all modern cars have power steering and to fit in with the rest of the project a more manly muscle powered version was needed!

Once a list of potential racks had been put together the supplier was convinced to let Ian spend a dusty afternoon in their warehouse checking each possible steering rack. The victim closest to the requirements was from an MG Midget, ideal as we can keep it in the family!

The first trial fit required the rack to be narrowed, as narrow as a Midget is it was still too much. One of the reasons this model had been picked is that the track rod arms are very long, this mean that 40mm could be trimmed off of each end, the threads cut further along and this narrowed the overall length of the rack by 80mm…just right!

To mount it to the car the spare steel stock pile was called upon and some 3mm thick angle looked to be right for the job.

First job, notch the ends.

A little bending of both ends and some more notching gives.

The notches fit nicely between the chassis rails and the bent up ends gives a lot more welding area. After a lot of very careful measuring it was finally welded to the chassis.