Chassis & Rear Axle Preparation

After finding suitable new premises and getting everything setup it became time to start working on the car again. Unfortunately the workshop got damp and surface rust had started to appear on the chassis rails, so this seemed as good a time as any to start getting them prepared to be painted.

This then meant that all of the chassis had to be cleaned up, be it removing the old paint or removing the surface rust. So a lot of time was spent sanding them, making sure that they were smooth to ensure a good paint finish. Once they were sanded it was time to paint them in Red Oxide Primer.

Once the Primer had been put on all of the welds needed to have seam sealer painted over them to stop any of the salt getting in and rotting the car from the inside out. Once this had been applied a second coat of Red Oxide Primer was painted on.

The next stage was to removed the back axle so that we could paint inside the rear wheel arches and around the back axle. The easiest way to remove the axle? Lift the back of the car up with an engine hoist and drop the axle out!

This then meant the axle could be dropped out so that it can be cleaned up and stripped to be checked over. While this is out the rear end has been seam sealed and primered to match the front. The next step? Sand it all flat and give it a second coat to make sure it is smooth!