GP100 Show Preparation Part 2

The month started slowly and built up to a mad sprint at the end.

The first task was to complete the transmission tunnel by fabricating a top closing plate along it’s length.

This was closely followed by the dashboard. The folds were reset to make it fit perfectly, the mountings were fitted and then it was simply a case of bolting it in. Once in place it gave us a position to work to for the steering column which didn’t require that much in the way of modifying once the hole was cut in the bulkhead.

A little splash of paint and it was ready to go.

To connect the steering wheel quick release system to the column required an adapter plate. A lot of cutting, filing and drilling of 6mm plate.

The next jobs were extremely labour intensive and saw a lot of midnight oil being burnt in preparation for the show. First was the roll cage which needed a lot of cleaning up to make it presentable to the general public, this was followed by the bodywork. We needed to sort the body as the primer had never been flatted back since being painted on and had become a little discoloured as well. Many hours and sore fingers later.

Then came the fun part: assembly and knocking items off of our list. First just had to be the MG badge.

This was followed by rear lights, number plate and the all important parachute.

The parachute had to be unpacked to be fitted to the car, a very nervous moment as we had to be sure how to repack it correctly.

Front lights fitted, brake master cylinders, the dashboard, steering and both seats all fitted…job done with a whole 10 minutes to spare before loading up the trailer and off to Heritage Motor Centre Motor Museum in Gaydon for the GP100.

Did we complete our list of twenty something items? Very, very nearly! Just two items didn’t get completed and the project moved on massively with the last big push.