Initial Bodyshell Work

The first part of the body modelling was to get the front scuttle welded into place.

Then followed by the bodyshell itself so that there is a solid base to work with.
The next decision took a lot of working out as this is the first time the team had ever attempted a project like this. Because the driving position is further back than normal it meant that the driver would effectively be sitting behind the B pillars. Not comfortable for getting in and out and not particularly safe as this will be used as a race car as well.
The solution? Make it into a two door car again but this time leaving the roof line alone. The best way this could be achieved was to move the B pillar backwards until the proportions looked correct and then cut the doors about until it all fitted.

First the pillar was cut in half as the roof line gets lower the further back you go. Initially this was done by moving it back 6″ and cutting the rear door to suit.

However, after standing back and staring, squinting and generally guessing, the door lengths weren’t correct so another 4″ was cut out of the rear doors and they were refitted.

Next task, repair the very rusty back end. First job, cut out the rusty outer arches to find…rusty inner arches!

As the outer profile of these were wrong, new ones had to be fabricated with a squarer outer edge to allow for the 12.5″ wide tyres.