Bodyshell Preparation

First job was to remove everything that could be unbolted so that the paint stripper didn’t get into it. Then the lower section of the body needed masking as initially just the roof was going to be stripped. The old paint was scuffed up and then Nitromors paint stripper was liberally brushed on.

Once the stripper had done it’s stuff the paint was scraped off.

The roof was thoroughly de-greased and panel wiped to get rid of any residue and then given a light dusting of single pack primer to keep the rust at bay.

Then we moved on to the rest of the bodywork.

The next stage was to single pack primer the whole car.

The welds on the doors and the quarter panels now needed sealing up to give them more strength and the door handles needed it to improve their appearance. This was done with fibreglass paste which after curing was filed into shape.

Some areas only required a very light skim of filler.

This was the fuel filler flap.