Roll Cage Part 1

Moving on from the front suspension it was time to continue with the fabrication and move on to the roll cage. This was going to have to be strong and had to meet rules and regulations for Bonneville and for drag racing in the UK so a lot of lengths of 1 5/8″ CDS2 was purchased.

Before we could start assembling the cage there were a couple of things that needed doing. The first problem was not actually owning a mandrel bender to make the tight bends, so a quick trip to Robinson Race Cars and they kindly made the four tight bends that would be needed. The rest could be done ourselves with a hydraulic pipe bender.

The main hoop was trial fitted. After tweaking some extra bends in it at shoulder height to follow the profile of the car, it was tacked to it’s mounting plate. To get the position correct we tacked a bar across the car and then cable tied the hoop to it.

The two rear bars tacked into place.

Now, because the rear axle is narrowed and the chassis rails are quite close together this meant that the bars met the main hoop at the top a good 6″ inboard of the corners which isn’t strong enough, so a rear cross was necessary. Once fabricated it was tacked it into place.

Then it was taken out in one piece and welded together outside of the car.