Donor Car & First Chassis Work

The next few months were spent trying to find a suitable donor car, trawling eBay and classified ads. It had to be one that was beyond economical restoration but still had a usable shell.

Enter stage left our Donor Car!

The shell was the prepped by cutting out all of the unwanted parts and everything we didn’t need was sold off to other Magnette owners to keep their cars on the road.

The front end was removed.

Then the shell was split to make mating it to the chassis easier and we also discovered that the sills were rotten as well.

Once the shell was sorted it was time to start on the chassis which was in no way strong enough to deal with the sort of power we wanted to eventually put through it.

The original shell had been hung by welding the inner sills to three small outriggers on each side which was too flimsy for what we wanted to do.

This was cured by making a couple of extra outriggers and then a new outer chassis rail. This one had to be exact as the idea is for it to be inside of the new sill panels. After hours of careful measuring this was the result.

The new inner sill panel (c/o Shortens here in the UK) was then split into pieces and welded to the inside edge of the new chassis rail.

Followed by the centre sill section being spot welded to the other side.

Next,the moment of truth. Were the measurements right? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to drop the shell into place.


It fits!

Now it’s time to start fitting things permanently…..